Stellar FAQs

Q. How long does the Stellar battery last?

A. Stellar runs for two hours on the internal battery under standard conditions1. This can be extended to up to 10 hours with the optional external RPS II battery.The internal battery takes up to three hours to recharge from empty.

Q. Can the Stellar be powered from a car?

A. Yes, the Stellar can be powered in a car using the Stellar AC/DC converter that connects to a car via a cigarette lighter socket. Note: The battery will not charge when Stellar is connected to a DC power source.

Q. Can the Stellar be used on a plane?

A. Yes. The Stellar meets FAA requirements for all phases of air travel including take-off, during the flight itself and also during the landing. At least two weeks prior to travelling, we recommend getting clearance from the airline to use your device on a flight (if your approval is in the form of a letter, carry a copy with you).

Q. How much noise does it make?

A. 29 dBA as measured according to ISO 17510 – 1:2002.

32 dBA with uncertainty of 3 dBA as measured according to ISO 17510 –1:2007.

Q. What is involved in maintaining a Stellar machine?

  • Every day – hang the mask and air tube in the shade to keep it dry.
  • Regularly disassemble the H4i humidifier with the cleanable water chamber. Keep it dry when it is not in use.
  • Weekly – wash the mask and air tube
  • Monthly – wipe the exterior of the device
  • Every six months – replace the air filter, discharge and recharge the internal battery.

Q. How do you add oxygen?

A. Add oxygen via the Stellar’s oxygen inlet at the rear of the device. A low pressure oxygen connector is packed with Stellar.

Q. What oxygen concentration/what FiOcan the Stellar provide?

A. The Stellar can provide up to 30 L/min of oxygen. You can attach an optional FiO2 sensor. You can view the FiOin the Monitoring menu and set alarms for Low/High FiO2.

You can also monitor and set alarms by connecting the optional accessory pulse oximeter accessory.

Q. Can we remotely view or hear the alarm on the Stellar?

A. Yes, you can connect the Remote Alarm II module which alerts the caregiver to an alarm condition on the Stellar even when the caregiver is not at the bedside or in the same room with the patient.

Q. How can we copy the device settings of one Stellar to another?

A. By connecting the ResMed USB stick, you can first write settings to the USB stick, then let other Stellar device to read those settings.

To read the settings copied from another Stellar, the device has to be in clinical mode.

If it is reading the settings that were configured by ResScan™, Stellar does not need to be in clinical mode.

Q. Can I use a SlimLine™ air tube with the Stellar?

A. Yes, you can use SlimLine, 3m air tubing or disposable clear air tubing.

You can perform the Learn circuit function and let the device learn the circuit resistance automatically which helps to control the delivered pressure accurately.

Q. Can the Stellar be remotely titrated or connected to a polysomnography (PSG) for Sleep study?

A. Yes, you can connect to EasyCare Tx for the remote display of real-time data and adjustment of settings.

Q. My patient uses different modes during the day time and night time. Can one Stellar offer different set of settings?

A. Yes, the Stellar offers programs which enable it to store two sets of therapy settings and device configurations (eg. different humidification and air tube types).

Q: Breathing patterns and postures during the night can impact the patient’s breathing. Is there a volume assured mode?

A: Stellar 150 offers iVAPS mode (intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support) which is designed to maintain a preset target alveolar ventilation by monitoring delivered ventilation, adjusting the pressure support and providing an intelligent backup breath automatically.

Q: Which patients can benefit from iVAPS?

A: Patients with chronic respiratory failure or insufficiency weighing 30kg or above can benefit.

Q: How can I download the data from Stella to ResScan?

A: There are two ways to download:

  1. Via the USB stick. Insert the USB stick, select the correct option on the Stellar display followed by downloading the data to ResScan;
  2. Via USB cable. However, downloaded data will not include HR data.

Q: The high rate data is missing after the download e.g. MV, RR etc.

A: High rate data is only available via USB download method; this data is not available via direct cable download from Stellar.

Q: Why are reminders not displayed on Stellar?

A: The motor must run for at least two hours before reminders are displayed.

Battery–device compatibility

For details about battery–device compatibility, please see the Battery/device compatibility list.

Electromagnetic radiation

For details about electromagnetic emissions by Stellar please see the Electromagnetic emissions data sheet.


  1. Stellar Clinical Guide page 66.
  2. Using 15 cm H2O (IPAP), 5 cm H2O (EPAP), and 20 bpm (Respiratory Rate). Not applicable when using heated humidification and heated tubing

To see supporting documentation for Stellar, click here.