Clinical newsletter

Edition 13:

An interview with Alicia Wells on developing a pediatric mask

Pediatric Sleep (PDF 2.6MB)

Edition 12:

Interview with Steve Creighton on using CPAP for the long haul

Thirty Years of CPAP (PDF 1.5MB)

Edition 11:

Interview with Louie Boitano on noninvasive ventilation (NIV)

Noninvasive ventilation (PDF 1.2MB)

Edition 10:

Interview with Dr Ral Antic on the direct and indirect costs of obstructive sleep apnea

Direct and Indirect costs of SDB (PDF 1.1MB)

Edition 9:

Interview with Dianne Richards

Focus on Compliance (PDF 790KB)

Edition 8:

Interview with Dr Peter C Gay

Focus on Complex Sleep Apnea (PDF 910kb)

Edition 7:

Interview with Professor Paul Zimmet

Research into diabetes and sleep-disordered breathing (PDF 1.0MB)

Edition 6:

Latest concerns about fatigue

Waking up to the effects of fatigue (PDF 1.9MB)

Edition 5:

Obesity has become one of the world’s major health problems

The Obesity Pandemic (PDF 680kb)

Edition 4:

Issues surrounding compliance for patients using CPAP therapy

Compliance – an expert’s opinion (PDF 819kb)

Edition 3:

The problem of hypertension and cardiovascular consequences of Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB)

The interaction between OSA and hypertension (PDF 1MB)

Edition 2:

Noninvasive ventilation: interview with Dr Anita Simonds

An interview with Dr. Anita Simonds (PDF 1MB)

Edition 1:

Interview with Dr Michael Berthon-Jones, a leader in the field of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

An interview with Dr. Michael Berthon-Jones (PDF 251kb)