Astral FAQs

Q. How long does the Astral battery last?

A. Astral runs for 8 hours on its internal battery under standard conditions. 1 This can be extended to 24 hours with its two optional external batteries. The recharging process takes up to four hours.

Q. Can Astral be powered from a car?

A. Yes, by simply using the Astral DC adapter. DC power will also recharge the internal battery when connected. If the external DC power source drops below 11V, Astral will automatically switch to the internal battery to ensure continuity.

Q. Can Astral be used on a plane?

A. Yes. The Astral device and the external batteries are approved for use on an aircraft, meeting FAA requirements (RTCA/DO-160, section 21, category M) for all stages of air travel. At least two weeks prior to travelling, we recommend getting clearance from the airline to use your device on a flight (if your approval is in the form of a letter, carry a copy with you).

Q. How noisy is Astral?

A. Astral is quiet, with a sound level of 35 dBA. Typical background noise is 30-35 dBA.2

Battery–device compatibility

For details about battery–device compatibility, please see the Battery/device compatibility list.

Electromagnetic radiation

For details about electromagnetic emission by Astral please see the Electromagnetic emissions data sheet.


  1. Test conditions: Adult, P(A)CV mode, P control: 20 cm H2O, PEEP: 0 cm H2O, Rate: 15 bpm, Ti: 1.2 sec
  2. 35 dBA sound pressure level (with uncertainty of 3 dBA) as measured according to ISO80601-2-12:2011.

To see supporting documentation for Astral, click here.