AcuCare FAQs

Q. What kind of patient interface is AcuCare HFNC?

  • AcuCare HFNC is a nasal cannula to be used for delivering high flow oxygen therapy (HFOT)
  • AcuCare HFNC is designed to deliver heated and humidified air, with or without blended oxygen up to a maximum flow of 60 L/min

Q. What are the advantages of AcuCare HFNC?

  • Speed – Fits in seconds, when every second counts
  • Stability – Stays in place once fitted, with a snug, contoured fit

Success in HFOT – Thanks to ResMed‘s 25+ years of experience in developing patient interfaces

Q. How do I choose the right AcuCare HFNC size for my patient?

  • The cannula prongs should not seal the nares, so that expiration through the nose is still possible
  • The cannula prongs should sit snugly in the nares, without being squeezed shut by the nose walls
  • The fitting template printed on the packaging shows how you can size and fit the cannula

Q. How can I adjust the AcuCare HFNC headgear to fit my patients?

  • AcuCare HFNC’s elastic headgear automatically adjusts to each patient’s head. The elastic gently stabilises the cannula, and pulls it into place
  • To adjust the headgear, separate the two back straps to loosen, or bring together to tighten

Q. Where should I attach the fixation clip, and what is it for?

  • The fixation clip helps stabilise the cannula prongs in the nose by reducing the drag of the heated tube
  • It should be attached close to the patient’s shirt neck
  • If the patient’s upper body is naked, a sticky patch can be used to position the clip at the top left of the patient’s chest

Q. Do I need to clean the AcuCare HFNC?

  • AcuCare HFNC is not to be reprocessed or reused
  • Single patient use only for a maximum usage time of 7 days

Q. Which devices can be used for delivering HFOT with AcuCare HFNC?

  • AcuCare HFNC can be used with high flow oxygen therapy humidification systems that deliver warm, humid air flow ≤ 37°C (≤ 98°F), and ≤ 100% relative humidity with a maximum oxygen content of 100%, both at a flow of up to 60 L/min
  • Connection: 22 mm male conical connector (complies with ISO 5356-1) and a 10 mm male conical connector